PASS (Physical Activity School Score): An Advocacy Tool

Monica Lounsbery and I created the Physical Activity School Score (PASS), a free, user-friendly, web-based, 8-item tool that assesses and increases awareness of evidence-based physical activity practices at elementary schools. (e.g., PE, recess, activity breaks, active transport).

To develop PASS, we reviewed related evidence-based literature. We solicited the reviews of teachers and administrators and revised it based on their feedback. Individuals (especially parents, teachers, school administrators, and school board members) interested in learning about and assessing physical activity opportunities at their local elementary school are invited to use PASS to score their school. Completing PASS takes about 5 minutes.

Upon completing each of the 8 items, respondents receive a numerical score with feedback and evidence-based recommendations on how the school can improve. After the last question, an overall school score is provided along with a corresponding grade (A-F). Respondents can compare their school score with other schools that are within and outside their state and can gain access relevant evidence-based information online.

You can learn more about PASS at the Active Living Research Site.