Video Productions

We Need More Physical Education. (October, 2012; 4:35 minutes). (M. Lounsbery & T. McKenzie, writers; T. McKenzie, narrator. Produced in SPARK Studios [Tom Racine].


Kids now are fatter, and they spend most of their day in school sitting. Watch as they plead for more physical education. Listen to Dr. McKenzie explain why it is so important for children to have Quality Physical Education and what caring adults can do to help. Designed especially for parents, teachers, and school board members and administrators.

Making the Most of Physical Education. (September, 2011; 4:38 minutes). (M. Lounsbery & T. McKenzie, writers and producers; edited in Vegas PBS studios.)


Designed for school administrators, board members, teachers, parents, and others interested in quality physical education. Abbreviated research findings inform viewers about characteristics of quality physical education and barriers to its delivery and the relationship between physical education and academic achievement. A call to action is provided.

Aprovechando al máximo la Educación Física. (junio de 2012; 5:00 minutes; SPANISH). (M. Lounsbery & T. McKenzie, escritores y productores; editado en los estudios Vegas PBS,).


Diseñado para administradores escolares, miembros del consejo, maestros, padres de familia, y demás interesados en la educación física de calidad. Un resumen de resultados del estudio de investigación informa a los espectadores sobre las características de la educación física de calidad, los obstáculos para impartirla y la relación entre educación física y rendimiento académico. Se hace un llamado a la acción.


The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals whose careers have greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of physical activity, fitness, sports, and nutrition-related programs nationwide. 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winners Linn Goldberg, M.D., Thomas McKenzie, Ph.D., Jacki Sorensen, Charles Sterling, Ed.D., and Pat Summitt briefly discuss their views on physical activity.

McKenzie, T. L., & Lounsbery, M. A. (2015, June 20). Using Systematic Observation to Research School Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs. (65 minutes). Research webinar, sponsored by Active Living Research, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Also available on YouTube. 

The presentation: (a) identifies the importance of using direct observation to assess physical activity and its contexts in schools; (b) discusses common research topics associated with using this methodology, including IRB approval, validity, reliability, observer training and maintenance, using video, and selecting the appropriate unit of analysis; (c) Identifies the location of free written and video resources for research protocols and observer training; and (d) provides advanced information on two observation systems used widely in schools–SOFIT and SOPLAY.

Maddox, J. (2006). Systematic observation of sun protection factors. Graduate School of Public Health, University of Hawaii at Manoa. (T. McKenzie, Consultant, 10 minute training DVD)

Dynamotion: Food Fun. (2004). Take Aim Media (T. McKenzie, consultant, 27 min video)

Dynamotion: Kids Gotta Have Fun! (2004). Take Aim Media (T. McKenzie, consultant, 27 min video)